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First Milk

As a dairy farmer-owned co-operative, all the farmers that supply us with milk and invest capital, are members of our business and we exist to add value to members' milk.

Whilst delivering competitive returns is key, being part of First Milk also provides members with security, as we offer an evergreen contract and have a commitment to purchase every single drop of our members' milk. This stability allows our members to plan for the future and develop their farming business for the next generation.

As a co-operative business, we believe that everyone contributes to our success, whether it be members, colleagues or customers. All members have the opportunity to become a Council Member and to stand for election to the Board. We currently have two farmer Directors, Jim Baird and Robert Craig, who sit on the Board.

Member Council
The Member Council’s role is to oversee the Board and to ensure the business acts in the best interest of its members, whilst maintaining its co-operative principles. The Council also support communication between members and the Board and Executive, ensuring members’ views are represented.

The Member Council consists of seven farmer members and an independent chair.